I'm taking the plunge and joining Patreon in March!  I have decided to do the insane (I am the madman, after all) and try to make a living solely from my own music, after getting laid off from my nice little day job! Crazy, yes! High probability of failure? Who knows!? Will it be super slow starting out? Yes!!!...Quite possibly even painful!!! Unlike KickStarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe, you are not contributing for the PROMISE of a single product, rather, I am constantly producing content (looking like 4-5x per month, at the very least...likely way more) and you can contribute an amount you feel appropriate per month (as little as 5 bucks!!!) There's no obligation other than that, and you're constantly going to be bombarded with new music! I have various funding goals set as well and if any of them are hit, there's a super secret, special surprise in store! There will be fun rewards and nice little secrets abounding, so please watch out for more info in the coming weeks. 


My very first, self-produced original instrumental "Titan Arum" is available for sale on my website (featuring a very special guest!) so check that out, as well. 
Thanks everyone for your support thus far and hopefully we'll be able to work together to make this little corner of the internet something truly spectacular! 

In the meantime, here's some music! 


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