We're really doing this, huh?

So this is the part where ::insert famous instrument company or famous musician:: is gonna slog through some paint by numbers B.S. about where I went to school and who I studied with...and we all have to pretend like it still matters in in the new millennia  (or really, ever?) 


I'm a songwriter, saxophonist, and arranger. I don't write pretty music. Don't ask. I don't play or sing pretty either...call someone else if you want some saccharine horse dooky on your next album. I gave up trying to be a famous jazz musician, though I still play jazz. I just do it for myself now, because it's fun for me. 

What I DO do ::giggle:: now is write songs to feature my (as George Carlin coined the phrase) "brain droppings", as well as my vocal stylings, my sax playing, and my arranging and production skills. 

I don't "make beats." Where I come from, we produce the entire damn track from start to finish, then play it LIVE. I'm composer, lyricist, and arranger; I don't need 15 people to write a song. Also, my turnaround is quite high as a result...which is a good thing.

I live in Boston. I've seen and partook in a lot of amazing music, and have associated with many great musical minds all over the U.S.A. and beyond.

I'm ready to work. Are you?